New Products
  6" 100LPW Architectural
LED Downlight

Super-Efficient: Delivers over 100 lumens per watt!
12W, 1,200Lm, 3,000K,
Incandenscent, 0-10V and ELV Dimming
  Architectural LED
Retrofit Kits

Easily convert architectural HID, CFL & 120V Housings to LED.
Fits most frame-in kits.
0-10V Dimming available.
Available in 6", 8" & 10"
Up to 4,000Lm

  6" Lumen Cannon

Up to 50W/5,000Lm.
DMX, DALI and 1% 0-10V dimming.
UniDim™ Universal Dimming.
120V/277V input standard.
Surface and Pendant Mount.
  Solo: High Output LED
Track Heads

Compact unobtrusive design.
Incandescent/ELV dimming.
3 beam spreads.
Also available for 2/2 & 3/1
architectural track

  8" Architectural LED Retrofit

Perfect CFL replacement.
Oversize ring and powerful mounting springs for easy install.
12W/1,200Lm, 25W/2,400Lm.
120V/277V input standard.
0-10V and UniDim™ Dimming option
  Saturn: LED Track Head

Compact unotrusive design.
True MR16 replacement.
8 beautiful designs.
ELV/Incandescent dimming.

  4" Adjustable LED
Pull Down Retrofit

Perfect for MR16 replacement.
Designed for accent and downlighting.
ELV/Incandescent dimming.
Die-cast construction.
  Aztec40: High Output LED Track Head

Powerful 3,000 lumen output.
Fully die-cast construction.
3 beamspread options.
T4 and T6 performance.

  6" Architectural 4,000Lm LED

High lumen output for ceilings up to 50'.
Equivalent to 70W CMH-PAR30 HID downlight.
120V/277V input standard.
0-10V and UniDim™ dimming option
  Seville: LED Pendants

9W, 500Lm CREE LED.
Includes canopy and cable.
High-quality dual layer glass.
ELV dimming.

  3" Mini-Arc2 Square LED

Accepts standard and Phantom 'trimless' trims.
12W/600Lm, 19W/1,200Lm.
Lockable aiming mechanism.
120V/277V input.
Incandescent/ELV and 0-10V dimming options.
  Turtle Safe Downlight

Low: Low to medium ceiling heights; minimum lumen output to satisfy building codes.
Shielded: Deeply recessed, 50° glare cutoff.
Long: LED color between 585nm and 595nm.