LRLD1493 : 4" LED Metal Baffle (700lm)


Utilizing the crisp, light output and the precision aiming capabilities of the MR16 lamps, this trim brings out the most vibrant colors from artwork and accentuates the beauty of jewelry, crystals, as well as architectural features. Provides an even illumination with excellent lumen cutoff to create a dramatic lighting scene.


  • Up to 700 Lumens Delivered!
  • Budget Friendly, specification quality performance
  • Small aperture for hard to light spaces
  • Singular diode, no multiple LEDs
  • 90CRI standard to for better color rendering
  • High quality die-cast construction
  • Available Features ?

    Available Features

    Based on the option chosen these features will be available. Please check the webpage and specification sheet to ensure the particular feature applies to your product.

    • Dedicated LED
    • Ambient Lighting

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