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LITON’s Track Lighting line is ideal for retail stores and homes where frequent and precise repositioning of the light source or light direction is required. Choose from a variety of lamp sources: LED, low voltage, line voltage, compact fluorescent, or H.I.D. Select from dozens of attractive trim styles including spotlight, wall wash, drop track and decorative accent. Available in designer finishes and decorative glass. We offer a variety of mounting options, including Flexible Rail Flexicurve, 12V/24V Slim Track and Architectural 3 Circuit Track to meet any desired application.

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Track Head LED - Cylo

Available in 3 different beam spreads, this versatile track head has a fully adjustable aiming mechanism that locks while rigidly maintaining precise angular positioning. Hidden wiring and internal adjustment mechanism for clean unobtrusive look. Due to its small size, the Cylinder LED track head is a perfect fits for retail stores, boutiques, and other areas where bright, compact adjustable illumination is required.