| DL360 : 6" ROUND CEILING DOWNLIGHT (IP65) - Amber (Turtle Safe)

6" ROUND CEILING DOWNLIGHT (IP65) - Amber (Turtle Safe)


Turtle Safe Requirements:
LOW: The product is designed for low to medium ceiling heights and delivered lumen output is sufficient to produce enough footcandles to satisfy building codes but not overpower the environment with excessive lumen output.
SHIELDED: The trim is deeply recessed and provides a minimum of 50° of glare cutoff. The trim reflector color is black to limit reflections. The beam spread is tightly controlled.
LONG: LED color is verified as 585nm minimum and 595nm maximum.

     Florida Wild Life Certification


• Energy efficient, low glare LED Chip-On-Board light engine
• Beam spreads include NS, SP, FL, WFL and 2° Pencil Beam
• Emergency back up available
• Singular COB Light Source
• 5 year limited warranty

Available Features ?

Available Features

Based on the option chosen these features will be available. Please check the webpage and specification sheet to ensure the particular feature applies to your product.

  • Emergency
  • Outdoor
  • Wet Location
  • Dedicated LED
  • Downlight
  • 277V
  • Turtle Safe

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Energy efficient Chip-On-Board (COB) Singular LED Light Source provides for smooth uniform light output, eliminating the multiple shadow effect seen by multiple LED Source products. Binned with 4-step MacAdam ellipses as recommended by ANSI Standard. Available in 4000K, 2700K*, 3000K, 3500K*, 5000K* and 5600K*.